100% Made in Italy.


Craftsmanship and new technologies.


Tradition and innovation in decoration.


Our lines

Door systems

Decorative components for doors.

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Glass systems

Metal fittings for shower enclosures.

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Curtain rods

Decorative accessories for curtain rods.

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Collezione Capolavoro

Collection designed by Alessandro La Spada.
A line of exclusive products with a predominantly craftsmanship, testimony of the best Made In Italy and thought for the Luxury sector.
Discover Metropolis, Mahal and Flavia.

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We have been producing items and metal components made by means of banking and/or drawing processes, mechanical machining, 2D and 3D laser cutting and/or welding for more than 45 years. We work stainless-steel, aluminium, copper and its alloys, iron.