GRIP Italia is a company with a strong technological and research content that has always produced and transformed metal products. The company owns the Valenti brand, which since 1963 is present with its products on the European and extra-European markets such as handles, metal part for glass and curtain accessories sectors.

The ongoing design effort, in collaboration with architect-designer Alessandro La Spada, led to the creation of the new Capolavoro collection.

This new proposal was born thanks to the union of creative inspiration by Alessandro La Spada, the technical know-how of GRIP Italia and the tradition of the Valenti brand in the decoration, and is striving to place the Capolavoro collection as a new reference point for the research on technology, decoration and innovation in the respect of Made in Italy’s excellence.

A company that aims to continuously evolve its research, paying close attention to the renewed needs of users; able to provide, thanks to its flexibility, customized products that meet the needs of each customer (from private to contract), enhancing space over time.